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Dr Adrian Dashfield

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Adrian Dashfield MB ChB MSc MSc MD FRCA FFPMRCA FAcadMEd

Consultant Anaesthetist & Pain Management Specialist


Dr Dashfield qualified from Birmingham University Medical School in 1988 and spent the subsequent 14 years as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy reaching the rank of Surgeon Commander and tri-service consultant advisor on pain management to the Surgeon General. During his Naval career he served in the Submarine Service, qualified as a Ships Diving Officer, undertook operational tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan and was Principal Medical Officer of HMS Invincible.

Dr Dashfield undertook basic anaesthetic training in Plymouth and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Higher specialty training was undertaken at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital and finally at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Additional Chronic Pain Management experience was gained in the Pain Relief Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. At the end of his training, in 1998, he won the Royal Society of Medicine Registrar prize and Gold Medal for Anaesthesia. Dr Dashfield was awarded the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) by Birmingham University in 2001, a Masters Degree in Medical Education (MSc) by Exeter University in 2009 and a Masters Degree in Medical Leadership (MSc) by Warwick University in 2012.

He was a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth for 12 years before moving to the Isle of Man. He was a Primary and Final Royal College of Anaesthetists Fellowship (FRCA) examiner from 2006 – 2018, and is a founding Faculty of Pain Medicine (FFPMRCA) examiner since 2010. Dr Dashfield was recalled as an FRCA examiner during Covid in 2020 and was awarded a commendation for his contribution by the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2022.

Other than his specialty interests in Pain Management and Anaesthesia, Dr Dashfield is active in the field of medical education of undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees. Dr Dashfield is the Director of Medical Education at Noble’s Hospital and is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators.



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Books and book chapters

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