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Inside Our Clinic

Welcome to the Manx Pain Clinic

Our Clinic - 18A Village Walk

Our main clinic that is located in the heart of Onchan at Village Walk. We are easy to find and there is plenty of free disc parking for our patients.


Inside Our Clinic

We'll welcome you in to the reception of our calm, clean, relaxing & private surgery. We'd love you to enjoy a tea, coffee & some biscuits when you arrive.

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Wait In Our Relaxing & Private Reception

A comfy, calm, private and relaxing area to wait. The entrance and waiting area inside our procedures suite at 21A Village Walk.


Inside 21A Village Walk

The inside of our second surgery where a lot of our testing and procedures take place.


21A Village Walk

The outside of our second surgery, 21A Village Walk. Both of our clinics are wheel chair accessible & have plenty of free disc parking.

Manx Medical 21A.jpg

Inside Our Procedure Suite

Visiting Manx Pain Clinic is knowing that you’re in great hands. The majority of our procedures take place inside of 21a Village Walk. Our nurses Gerry & Karen are always on hand to assist Dr Dashfield and to help treat patients.


Inside Our X-ray Suite

No visiting multiple locations, or having to wait weeks, or even months, for a test or a procedure. We are able to perform many diagnostic tests and treatments right inside our clinic. Our radiographers Ellen, Michael, Victoria & Karen will help Dr Dashfield perform all the scans he needs to make a diagnosis.

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